Performative Arts

Trying, experimenting, creating, encountering.

I am a theater maker and researcher. The main focus of my artistic work is on participatory staging projects. On this website you will find information about me, my projects, calls for workshops or calls for performers for new plays.

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Anika Lachnitt


I am a theatre director and educator living in Berlin. I am particulary interested in the resistant, transformative potentials at the intersections of art, cultural education and politics. In my collaborative work, I am dedicated to narrative-aesthetic negotiations of social reality, as well as to bringing forth counter-narratives. In doing so, I experiment with genre boundaries and oscillate between documentary and fiction. Biographies and journalistic research as well as methods of devising theater and postdramatic theater forming the basis of my projects.

In my current work I explore the narrative potentials at the contact points of contemporary circus and post-dramatic theater. I studied “Staging of the Arts and Media“ with a focus on theater at the University of Hildesheim, as well as Theater Education at the UDK Berlin. There I also completed the advanced training in directing and dramaturgy in biographical-documentary theater. Also I have studied social work at HTWK Leipzig.

For me, theater means creating spaces of encounter and gathering, of memory and experimentation. It is a place that invites people to relate to reality, to explore their own view of and on the world, to enter into exchange with each other and to find a self-determined, moving language for it. People with whom I am artistically active are both professional and semi-professional artists, as well as so-called amateurs.

I am a member of LAFT Berlin (Landesverband der freien Darstellenden Künste) and have been a mentee in the mentoring program of the Performing Arts Program Berlin since May 2022.

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