Direction and Play Development
Generation Zück - Times of Pandemic

made by anika lachnitt und zück kollektiv
06/2022 @ katapult berlin

February 2020. The young circus collective Zück is dedicated to a new project. Urban Fighting wants to explore combat zones, on the net, in the city….

But then standstill. Corona. Pandemic. An unprecedented situation confronts the ensemble with new challenges. Questions about everyday struggles, distribution, justice and visions of the future suddenly take on a whole new weight. And in this, they also have to grow up. Who do we want to be? Where do we want to go? And how not to lose the courage to believe in the changeability of the world?

generation zück is a play about what it means to be a young person today, about the power of the collective and the attempt to make ourselves heard. 

Anika Lachnitt

Text & Play Development
Anika Lachnitt + Ensemble

Artistic Assistant
Sabina Drąg

Kiara Rostien, Inge Pabel, Judith Steiger, Zoë Döller, noa noa, Marielou Schauerhammer, Achille Piot, Johanna Reiter, Mascha Hackermeier

Video Projection
Blandine Casen

David Scholz

Piotr Lemieszczuk

©Blandine Casen