In Social Fields
Spaceship Future - Planet Utopia

06/2022 @ Turnhalle Milmersdorf
08/2022 @ MKC Templin 

What?! Really?! In the middle of the sports field in Gerswalde a gang of kids flew away in a spaceship? So it is told. It was around the summer of 2020, and one of them must have fished for a message in a bottle and found instructions for building a spaceship.
All the kids were really excited. And the adventure began! 

In the summer of 2022, the rocket took off again. This time in Milmersdorf. In this development of the play, the scientists from planet Earth and the hoppies from planet Future set off into space to search for solutions to save their worlds. In the process, they encounter all kinds of adventures and, last but not least, discover a whole new planet where everything is going much better. An exciting journey through the universe begins. 

Direction and Play Development
Anika Lachnitt

Esther Kaufmann

Artistic Assistant
Sabina Drag

Production Management
Katja Zimmermann 

Mira, Abby, Fabi, Paulina, Mary, Tessa, Oskar, Theo