In Social Fields
Spaceship Future - A Summer Holiday Fairy Tale

6/2020 @ Haus Neudorf/ Uckermark

In the middle of the Uckermark, at a lake, almost unbelievable things happen in the summer of 2020.
While some kids are bored to death, Nalin actually fishes for a message in a bottle. It contains instructions for building a spaceship that can take the children to distant planets. That’s a nice change of pace, and the friends immediately head off to the Templin construction market to organize the necessary materials. At night, they sneak off to the sports field. From there, the spaceship takes off and the adventure takes its course.

This project was developed in close cooperation with Mikub e. V. – Interdisciplinary Platform for Media, Cultural and Educational Projects.

Play Development and Direction
Anika Lachnitt

Project coordination and Organisation
Katja Zimmermann

© Axel Lambrette