Direction and Play Development

based on a book by Juli Zeh, in a play version by Bernhard Studler
09/2015 @ Hoftheater Kreuzberg

“Shoot to kill to protect. A perfectly plausible causal chain. Basically, all adults have been dead for a long time, they just don’t know it.” …And what are we supposed to do now? Keep on playing.
Ada and Alev are prototypes of a vision. They create a world for themselves. In it they hope for freedom, love and closeness. In doing so, they transcend the boundaries of the moral and normative concepts of their environment. The game is their utopia in a time devoid of meaning.

Anika Lachnitt

Annina Kryger, Gerrit Brinker,  Hannes Marggraf,  Lea Friedrich, Theo Frielinghaus

Stage / Costume
Shir Levanon

Johanna Faltinat

Light & Sound
Hannes Nitzschke