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What if there is socialism and nobody leaves?

2021 @ Uni Hildesheim

“I would speak of revolutionary renewal. Revolutions start from below. “Below” and “above” change places in the value system and this change turns socialist society from head to toe.”
Excerpt from the speech of Christa Wolf on 04.11.89 during the demo on Alexanderplatz Berlin 

The people in the GDR wanted reforms, didn’t they? And what did the people in the FRG expect?
On 09.11.89 the borders opened, GDR and FRG citizens met each other without knowing what was going to happen. What did people think, what did they wish for, what did they expect from this interim period? What effect did the collapse of an entire country and an entire utopia have on the people living in it? What are concise memories of that time? And what impact does it have on our current social conditions? 

In this seminar we dealt with the effects of the so-called Wende and reunification, using performative as well as biographical-documentary theater practices.
The result were 8 artistic works of the participating students, which were shown during the presentation week in July 2021 at the Domäne Marienburg. 

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Seminar Lecturer
Anika Lachnitt, Miriam Schmidt