Direction and Play Development
Alice - Eine Expedition

based on a play by Alexander Kerlin and Kay Voges
April 2017 @ Theater Expedition Metropolis 

It is like a silent tremor that grips the kitchen of the shared flat. Bodies, gender, morals, images of society shift, dissolve and show the 4 inhabitants in ALICE-like confusion in the Wunder-Land-WG. They loudly transform into rabbits, into caterpillars, into nymphs, and a previously unseen hole seems to swallow them. The children of capitalism, trapped in their own four walls. How can living together work when it already fails at the cleaning schedule? The characters deconstruct values and norms in order to find answers for themselves.

Direction and Stage Design
Anika Lachnitt

Johanna Faltinat

Annina Kryger, Vincent Ritterspach, Hannes Marggraf, Theo Frielinghaus

Light & Sound
Hannes Nitzschke